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v●ice; but he had an ardent love ●for his own country, and thi■ther h

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e presently returned. Phips was a ru■de sailor, bluff, prompt, and choleric. He n■ever gave proof of intellect●ual capacity; and such of his suc●cess in life as he did not owe to good luck was■ due probably to an energetic and adventurous

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● spirit, aided by a blunt frankness of ●address that pleased the great,● and commended him to their favor. Two years af●ter the expedition to Port Royal, t■he king, under the new charter, mad■e him governor of Massachusetts, a post■ for

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which, though totally un●fit, he had been recommended by the el●der Mather, who, like his son Cotton,● expected to make use of him. He ■carried his old habits into his new office, cud■gelled Brinton, the collector ■of the port, and belab

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